Let's watch underwater at the fishing area. Fish bite a bait!
On this site ( uomionline ), You can see the underwater footage on fishing.
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Welcome uomionline.
First please watch this vdeo. Then you can find this site concept.
I like to watch fish bite a fishing bait.

I'm shooting a underwater video in JAPAN.
So I think some fish are non-familiar on your country.
They are not beautiful or colorful as a tropical fish. but their behavior are very cute when eat a bait.

I use my own underwater camera.
That's base camera are Gopro HD HERO2, Logicool C615, PENTAX WS80, and some security cameras.
I control from overwater to underwater cameras.
So my video footage is non-diving underwater video.

You can find thousand or more video on my Japanese page.
I show you this English page some of them.
If you want to watch all of them, please go to my Japanese page or my youtube channnel.

I show you mean of this site's name.
"UO" means "fish" and "mi" means "watch" in Japanese.
So this site name "uomionline" means "Fish Watching On Line".

I hope you enjoy to watch my underwater video.


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